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Johaun Hassen

I enjoy performing manual bodywork therapy, as well as energy work to help improve people’s lives. There are many reasons why people seek me out for body work. Busy workweeks compounded with life’s obligations and responsibilities can take a toll on our wellbeing. An end-of-the-week massage can truly provide that “Ahh” moment of relief and tranquility. Additionally, regular body work can provide relief for anyone with chronic ailments and conditions. My client list includes people from all backgrounds, including several massage therapists, who routinely seek me for relief.


I also enjoy using my platform to help the world by bringing the community in which I live closer together. I want to demystify the idea that massage therapy is a women-dominated industry and highlight the men that practice great bodywork. If we want an equitable world, it’s important to acknowledge that sexism in any occupational field is still sexism. 


By wanting to make the world better, I have made myself better. The lessons I have learned from instructors, colleagues, and even clients, have enriched me from the standpoint of being a person nearly as much, if not more, as the actual curriculum and knowledge of the actual practice. One lesson that has always stuck with me is perspective. The more I learn about my clients and their lives, the deeper I understand how we don’t always know what’s going on under the surface. A gray day may be depressing to one person. But for a person with sensitive skin, the day brings the joy of relief. 


Embarking on this journey has had a profound impact on me, not only as a professional, but as a human being. To that end, that manifests itself in the way that I operate my business. Some places (even ones that I’ve worked for) will charge for missed appointments or dock clients for session time. I am not like that. In a situation, for example where your child is sick? My response would be “Sorry, to hear that, feel free to rebook when it’s convenient for you” I understand fully, the human element of the service that I provide.


With my practice, I’m looking to make the world a better place in the small area of influence that I have. You want to join me in my goal of making the world better? It starts by making sure you are at your best! That can start by booking a bodywork session with me, please feel free to message me to set up your session. I also appreciate your support by sharing, liking, and telling people about the service I provide.

Welcome to Be Balanced Bodywork




As a licensed medical massage therapist is designed to improve chronic conditions. This is ideally performed upon repeated visits, but it can be on an individualized basis



The awesome gift of relaxation with a guest of your choosing! Enjoy our elegant couples massage room, where two therapists simultaneously perform a full body relaxation massage that invigorates the mind and body for each guest.



This massage is designed to relax the muscles that you use (or overuse) most! Don't let the name deceive you as factory workers, people with stationary jobs at computers, and people who engage in highly repetitive activities can benefit from the therapeutic massage and stretching that you'll receive during a sports massage!


Deep Tissue

Deep tissue massage typically utilizes shorter movements and deeper pressure, however, I take this further by using techniques such as positional release, and passive flexion to get a truly unmatched level of depth while not leaving bruises of being painful the next day. This style of massage can be incorporated with any service, the additional cost depends on the duration of service. ($15 for 60, $20 for 90, and $25 for 2 hours plus)



For the mom's to be! This luxurious massage will help alleviate some of the aches and pains that you experience through your pregnancy. Performed primarily sidelying, this service is divine and well received by moms at all stages of their pregnancy.



Reiki: Japanese energy healing. A palm healing method is used to promote the balance of energy and Chakral realignment.

Reflexology: Massage that focuses on feet, hands, and ears that uses unique micromovement techniques such as thumb and finger walking with the goal of simulating the corresponding region, system, or muscle group.